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Peeling Line

- Gentle Peeling / 5120
Especially created for all kind of skin thanks to its thin particles of apricot kernel. SOSKIN Gentle Peeling suits all skin types to cleanse pores and remove dead cells. Its composition based on a natural exfoliant, ground Apricot kernel, rids the skin of all impurities, dead cells and unclogs pores. Its mechanical action promotes skin respiration and cell renewal. Also containing White Clay and Papaya extract, this treatment absorbs excess sebum and tightens pores, skin is thus       softened and purified. The complexion regains its natural glow and the efficiency of treatments applied subsequently is    enhanced. With it physical action of stimulation it leave the skin clear and soft. Even sensitive skin can use it.

- New Skin Cream / 5340
Care improves skin’s aspects and touch thanks to Glycolic Acid. SOSKIN Glycolic New Skin Cream smoothes wrinkles, unifies and improves the texture of the skin to make it brighter and younger. Glycolic Acid 15% combined with Hibiscus Flower Acids help eliminate dead cells and refine the surface layers of the epidermis, resulting in reduced appearance of wrinkles and improved the skin texture. Its formulation is complemented by a trio of moisturizing, lipid enriched actives: Jojoba oil, Shea butter and Aloe Vera for preserving and regenerating the tissue of prematurely aging skin. The skin is smoothed, unified and less marked by pigment irregularities.The skin is radiant, soft, a surprisingly efficient care.


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