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Biopure Treatment

Super Oxygenating Detoxifying Treatment
Biopure is a range of urban skin-care products specifically adapted to address the effects of pollution on the skin in depth, cleanse it and enable it to breathe better. Biopure has been developed for all city-dwelling women in search of fresh air, anxious to detoxify their skin.
Biopure Beauty Salon Treatment

Here is a complete professional treatment enabling the beauty therapist to treat all problems related to oxygen-deficient skin through four actions:
    - Dynamics of cellular oxygenation
    - Anti-pollution shield
    - Trapping of polluting agents
    - Strong energizing power
Treatment Frequency: once a week

Main active ingredients:
    - PURISOFT: Anti-pollution protection. It traps pollution and heavy metals impregnated into the stkin like a magnet
      to neutralize them.
    - PHYTOVITYL: It stimulates the cell regeneration.
    - OXYGESKIN: It boost cell metabolism. The skin, more energetic, shows a better resistance to daily environmental

Biopure Skin-care products: For home care use
    - Detoxifying Milk / E837
    - Oxygenating Lotion / E838
    - Phyt’Oxygen Foam / E839
    - Oxygen Serum / E841
    - Oxygel / E842
    - Hydra Soft / E844
    - Hydra Matt / E843
    - Reoxygen Intense / E845  



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