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Bioptic Eye Treatment

Treat the eye contour: Careful! Fragile zone
The skin on the eye contour is the most fragile area of the face. Moreover, the eye reacts very rapidely to strain, which regenerates the outbreak of dark circles or bags, under eyes. The eye contour therefore needs very early, continuous, thorough treatment.

Main active ingredients:
    - MICRO-COLLAGEN is a micro-fragment of collagen produced by bio-synthesis from natural collagen. Due to
      their micro-size, these small collagen mollecules allow skin tissue regeneration.
    - SILOX GT helps restore suppleness and tone tired skin, and reduces the activity of free radicals.


Bioptic Skin-care products: For home care use
    - Bi-Phase Make-up Remover for Eye Zone / E16
    - Soothing Lotion for Eye Zone / E230
    - Repair Concentrate Fluid For Eye Zone / E21
    - Micro-Collagen Lifting For Eye Zone / E229
    - Anti-Fatigue Phyto-Capsules / E232
    - Bags Reducer Mask for Eye Zone / E231
    - Anti-Dark Circles Fluid For Eye Zone / E354
    - Twin-Patch / E860


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