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Acti-Biotic Treatment

Treatment for Combination, Oily and Acne-Prone Skin
Caring for these skin types is both a big and complex issue. Indeed, it is a problem that has different aspects: a shiny skin subject to excess of seborrhea which needs balancing and mattifying; a dull, blotchy complexion, enlarged pores and, especially, blackheads and blemishes.

Main active ingredients:
    - ACNET regulates sebum secretion and reduces skin irritation.
    - DERMAPUR is a powerful phyto-complex capable of regulating sebum secretion.
    - PHYTOSACCARIDE  AC is a marine ingredient combined with zinc. It helps the skin to get rid of excess sebum
      and protect it against all risks of acne complications.
    - EVERMAT reduces shiny appearance of oily skin


Acti-Biotic Skin-care products: For home care use
    - Sebo-Savon – Puryfing Foaming Gel / E834
    - Sebo-Serum – Emergency Serum / E529
    - Sebo-Gel – Corrective Gel / E530
    - Sebo-Cream – Hydra Normalising Cream / E833    


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