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Derma-Calm Treatment

Ultra-sensitive skin treatment
40% of the population claim to have sensitive skin. The skin overreacts to the slightest stimuli: feelings of discomfort, warmth, redness, itching, etc.. A of concentrate technology derived from the latest advances in the field of Neuro-cosmetics. The new Derma-Calm skin care line makes it possible to deactivate the link between internal and external attacks and their symptoms in terms of the skin.
Main active ingredients:
    - SKINASENSYL, a new active ingredient resulting from biotechnology, enables to increase the tolerance of sensitive
      skin, providing a soothing effect.
    - OCALINE is an optimized and patented combination of natural substances with synergic properties, soothing and
      calming reactive skin.

Derma-Calm Skin-care products: For home care use
    - Gentle Cleansing Milk / E636
    - Gentle Purifying Foam / E639
    - Gentle Soothing Lotion / E637
    - No-Stress Cream / E642
    - De-Stress Cream / E643
    - Night-Relax Cream / E644
    - Ultra-Sensitive Serum / E641
    - Couperose Serum / E640


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