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Enzymacid Peeling Treatment

Surfacing Peeling Technology with Accelerated exfoliation to reveal renewed skin
Always at the forefront of innovation, Ericson Laboratoire now offers an exfoliation method, combining 5 HIGH TECH cosmetic innovations, inspired by the latest medical beauty treatments.

Main active ingredients:
    - X-PRESSIN: A cross-linked papain polymer. It is effective as glycolic acid in improving the skin and less aggressive
      in terms of redness.
    - VIT.C TYPE AA2G: brightening of the complexion, reduction of pigmented spots, increased skin tone.
    - X50: a smart molecule that is able to deliver its regenerative effect to the very heart of cells

Enzymacid Skin-care products: For home care use
    - Soft Enzym Mouss / E909
    - Soft Enzym Milk / E907
    - Soft Enzym Lotion / E908
    - Glyco-Serum 70/10 / E911
    - Prozym Cream / E912
    - Whitefluid / E914


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