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Hair Care Line

Revitalizing serum for thinning hair for women hair loss & brittle nails Stress, fatigue, diet, pregnancy Anti-thinning, age-defying, enhancing, the global no-rinse treatment in ultra concentrated ampoules.

Designed to meet the needs of women whose hair is prone to thinning, whether it is reactional or temporary, PHYTOCYANE combines the benefits of a fortifying anti-hair loss treatment to stimulate growth, with the assets of an enhancing cosmetic treatment. From the very first applications, hair becomes fuller, thicker and more resistant. No need to rinse. Anti-hair loss efficacy in 85%* of cases Clinical study conducted by an independent laboratory on 77 women

Revitalizing shampoo for women hair loss & brittle nails A concentration of vitality for thicker, more beautiful hair, every day.

This product is a precious and complementary partner to PHYTOCYANE Revitalizing Serum. The shampoo contains a synergy of energizing Botanical active ingredients to restore vitality to the hair


- HUILE D'ALES - Dry Hair / P5202
    - Intense hydrating oil treatment for dry hair
    - The must-have for “resuscitated” hair. Women love it.

With its unique water-soluble formula, HUILE D’ALÈS rinses out easily and delivers instant shine to dull hair. It is recommended for use before a color or highlighting process to protect the fiber and scalp.

- PHYTO 7 - Dry Hair / P6201
    - Daily hydrating cream with 7 plant extracts for dry hair
    - The day cream for dry hair and no need to rinse. A legend for over 40 years!

This is real day cream for hair, the smooth, non-oily formula contained in PHYTO 7 maintains hair’s optimum hydration level, without weighing it down. Your hair is protected, and looks supple, soft and shiny.

- PHYTOKARITE - Ultra Dry Hair / PH229
    - Ultra nourishing mask for ultra-dry hair
    - The very best treatment to pamper the hair deep down.

A real nutrition bath for ultra-dry hair. PHYTOKARITÉ is a rich, creamy mask that deeply nourishes and repairs ultra-dry hair. Hair is left revitalized, silky soft and shiny, Silicone-free.


    - Anti-dandruff treatment shampoo for dandruff
    - Emergency, soothing comfort for dandruff-prone scalps in a flash. Formulated with dermatologists.

PHYTHÉOL INTENSE is specifically formulated to treat the most severe cases of dandruff.  It rapidly and effectively eliminates the most persistent flakes.
    - ANTI-DANDRUFF EFFECTIVENESS: 74%* from the first week of use.
    *Clinical biometrological study under controlled conditions conducted on 40 volunteers.
    **Clinical study conducted under the supervision of 28 dermatologists on 165 subjects over 1 month.

    - Anti-dandruff regulating shampoo for dandruff.
    - Clear out dandruff!

PHYTHÉOL eliminates dandruff and gently cleanses the hair. It can be used as often as necessary for shiny, healthy hair.


    - For damaged or brittle hair
    - All the “anti-breakage” protection of botanical keratin injected deep into the hair

Use PHYTOBAUME REPAIR after each shampoo to instantly detangle damaged hair without weighing it down.
    - Hair is easy to style, more resistant, supple and silky.
    - Silicone-free.
    - Repair action for 75%* of the subjects
    - Hair is more resistant for 72%* of the subjects
    - Anti-breakage effectiveness for 67%* of the subjects

- PHYTOCEDRAT - Oily Scalp / P6306
    - Sebo-regulating shampoo for oily scalp
    - An incredibly light sebum regulator for the hair.

PHYTOCÉDRAT shampoo is formulated to reduce sebum secretion with its mild botanical cleansing agent that allows for hair to be washed less frequently. Right from the very first use, hair feels lighter and fuller.

- PHYTOVOLUME - Fine & Limp Hair / P346
    - Volumizing shampoo for fine hair.
    - Energy volume and body with each shampoo: the magic trio!

With its special formulation, PHYTOVOLUME shampoo infuses body and volume into fine and limp hair.
    - Right from the first application, the hair looks visibly thicker and fuller.
    - Boosted VOLUME for 90%* of the subjects
    - More DENSITY for 81%* of the subjects
    - More SHINE for 90%* of the subjects
        - Use test conducted by an independent laboratory on 32 volunteers


- PHYTOPOLLEINE - All Hair Type / P6102
Botanical scalp stimulant for All Hair Types A 100% botanical must-have treatment to give the scalp a boost!

PHYTOPOLLÉINE is a 100% botanical pre-shampoo serum to stimulate and restore balance to all scalps.

- PHYTOAPAISANT - Sensitive Scalp / PH224X
    - Gentle rebalancing treatment for sensitive, irritated scalp
    - Finally a no-rinse treatment that truly soothes right from the first application. Recommended by dermatologists.

    - PHYTOAPAISANT Gentle rebalancing treatment provides immediate relief for scalp itchiness and tightness.
    - Hypoallergenic. Soothing effect for 89%* of the subjects.
    *Use test conducted under dermatological supervision on 19 volunteers



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