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Body Slimming

hape your body and get rid of excess fat
Depending on your needs, different options of slimming treatments are possible:
    - A body wrapping heating treatment for localized slimming with stretchable film which will enhance the action of this body treatment which contains a heating active ingredient combined with Cinnamon essential oil and Cayenne Pepper oily extract. Olive and Sunflower vegetal oils soften the skin while smoothing it.
    - A body wrapping gel treatment concentrated in algae and in caffeine extracts acts on targeted zones to reshape the silhouette.

It contains:

  • Laminaria Algae Extract: known for its action against premature skin aging and slackening skin.
  • Sea water: concentrated in trace elements, reinforces the remineralizing action of algae.
  • Red Algae: detoxifying properties.

           Do not use on pregnant or breast feeding women

    - A slimming treatment using a Micronised Algae Body wrapping  mask, rich in Trace elements, Proteins, Vitamins, Carbohydrates and Mineral salts, algae nourish, hydrate*, revitalize and compensate the internal and external defeciencies of the body. The vitamins build the natural defenses of the skin while regenerating the cells and the cutaneous balance.
The Fucus algae in this body wrap has slimming properties that enhance and accelerate the sudation process and the elimination of unnecessary fat. The thermostatic and purifying virtues of the Clay combined with all the above ingredients allows an efficient slimming treatment.



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